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Sharing geHub`s Entrepreneurial Vision

At the Graduate Entrepreneurs\’ Hub (geHub), our vision is to support entrepreneurs and managers in becoming successful individuals, capable of transforming their lives and businesses into successful and competitive companies. For years, the founders have been organizing events capable of transforming participants into successful managers and entrepreneurs. They create diverse contexts as successful models to […]

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Women in Business: Theory, Practice and Flexible Approaches

The recognition of the capacity of women entrepreneurs in our global community is no longer a matter of debate but a realization that female entrepreneurship is now one of the major factors contributing to the development of many countries, not just those in transition. Most women entrepreneurs are seen to be more realistic about their

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Youth Entrepreneurship, Education and Employment Forum

The main objective of the Youth Entrepreneurship, Education, and Employment Forum (YEEEF) is to serve as a source of knowledge, skills, innovation, and creativity for young people worldwide. It operates as a networking hub where young individuals receive training and support within our well-established entrepreneurial ecosystem. At YEEEF, we incubate, nurture, accelerate, and promote the

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I am pleased to extend an invitation to you for YEEEF, a platform that underscores our commitment to engaging and supporting young people in their development, enabling them to grow and thrive in a competitive and rapidly changing world. As an educator, I firmly believe that long-term value creation in today\’s societies is closely linked