I am pleased to extend an invitation to you for YEEEF, a platform that underscores our commitment to engaging and supporting young people in their development, enabling them to grow and thrive in a competitive and rapidly changing world.

As an educator, I firmly believe that long-term value creation in today\’s societies is closely linked to Youth Entrepreneurship, Education, and Employment. These are critical ingredients for stimulating local economic growth and development. While we may not solve all social and economic challenges, YEEEF\’s work will concentrate on three main areas:

  1. Entrepreneurship – Utilizing our forum to promote the learning of key entrepreneurial skills, valid skills, and valuable life skills.
  2. Education – Seeking to promote both theoretical and practice-based education by incorporating networking, teamwork, and human interaction. I believe that well-educated youths will represent the labor force of tomorrow.
  3. Employment – Given the challenges presented by Artificial Intelligence (AI), firms will require creative, innovative, and skilled human capital to grow and compete. While some jobs may be lost, we need to focus on the numerous opportunities that AI could present to our youths to ensure the creation of sustainable employment in the future.

I extend a warm welcome to all educational institutions, researchers, practitioners, policymakers, private organizations, and youths from all backgrounds to join YEEEF\’s initiatives.

Imani Silver Kyaruzi BA (Hons), MBA, Ph.D., SFHEA, FRSA

President and Chief Executive Officer


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